Thursday, August 21, 2008


तो हम क्या कहते है, बंगाल जो है , बरिया भोपू बजा रहा है! फिर से बाँध बुला दिया! yepp! its back!! our glorious govt has yet agen told us bangalis to move fwd to d back!! dis wednesday was.....yes, u got it, a BANDH!! jeez!! vl v eva learn?! dis wednesday was a bandh!! n bengal society progressed!! here r sum things i got to kno dis day:

  • half-naked boys can effectivly turn d shambazar crossing in2 a cricket ground...n by god!! wat mighty moves! as our netaji keeps pointin his finger in a perpetual howzzat stance, dese fellas show him dat d bat s mightier dan n e sword, or pen, for dat matter...
  • cycles race each oder on d bypass n moulali roads. each one of em is a lance armstrong racin his way to glory. watch d same road on a busy day...ull find bus-drivers "politely" tellin dese cyclists " Raastata ki apnar pitrideber??!!"
  • females think its a gr8 day 4 shoppin...dese femme fatales, wrapped up in lip gloss, make-up n rags to reveal deir skin, arrive at shoppin malls only 2 realize: whoa lord! ts closed! dear un4tun8 females, didn a gr8 man once say dat for females, beauty X brains is a constant??
  • as our society progresses bakwards, some hoodlums call out marches emphasizin d need for this strike....o boy! u calld a strike only to yell ur throats out in d midday sun? get sum brains man! u should hav doe dis on a busier day wen dere wud b PPL TO HEAR U!!!!!
Well, s'pose enuff of progress for one day. next time sum brainy fartaholic cums up wid d idea to call a bandh, i wanna ask him " Y bother? ds country's goin to d crocodiles n e way! mite as well let things go bad on deir own!"