Monday, September 14, 2009

The light burns on

Holding tears on a wrinkled leaf,

I stood by the mystic edge of the sea.
Heard whispers in the golden garments,

That Autumn herself had shed for me.

Silent winds rippled on the water....
My hand faltered, I froze in time...

Captured the world's essence in a flickering instant,

As my mind waded through Nature's intricate design.

The thorn through my soul shoved in deeper,

I bled out drops only I could see.

Betrayed by my own faith, I stood unwavered now,
This wasn't the way they said it would be.

Phrases hurtling right through my brain,

Each one hit me with a sickening wrench.

My eyes wide shut, the sky brightly dark,

Humanity's ever-so-famous inglorious stench.

Purple rain dashed down on me;
Blue flames, to take my soul, suffice.

A blinding flash in time, a whisper unheard,

...........And I waited for my final sacrifice.

Windswept I stood, a prodigal son of Time,
A cloak of mist heralding the dawn....
Far in the distance, a Lighthouse sweeps its beam,
As i curl into darkness, the light burns on.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Winds of Hades

I've stooped, I've bled, I've reeled in pain,

I've died a thousand times.

Vengeance, unleashed, claimed me for his own-
I've paid for others' crimes

Past all glories, past all fame,
Tonight I stand by the edge
Of all that was, and all that will be,

Dead eyes, with a grief-stricken pledge.

Immortal thoughts, come prey on me!
And I'll never flinch I swear!

But my soul shall forever be only bound,
To the one I truly hold dear.

Joys ripped out in a whirlwind of hate,
Faith and Justice horribly gone wrong.
As angels of death, their wings round me spread...

My heart sings its own swansong.

My reflection shimmers, the water's edge glistens,
I wait for the chill to grip me.
For when all's that been mine shall be wrenched apart-

My reflection will be there to see.

The trumpet blows....The winds run amok....
A few moments more....And fate shall have struck....
With all its wrath....With might unbound....
And then....its silence that shall only sound

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tryst of a Lifetime

Okay now this is looooooooong overdue. Last sunday was Mothers' Day. A highly interesting class of humans, aint't they? Mothers. i mean. A few days bak, der was dis huge thunderstorm....n as i was just chilling out in d terrace, i started thinking. Truly, highly interesting, our mothers. We'll prolly neva hav n e one closer to us dan our moms (fer pete's sake, u crawled out of her!!). Well, as far as i'm wid mom's been a gr8 tale, trust me. N over my 18 years of knowing her (dats third only to dad n her parents u kno!), I've known lotsa sides to her face.
She has dis weird habit of asking certain really, really weird, answer-smack-on-d-face kinda queschuns in d least complez situashuns! Kinda makes u feel as if dis is one simle woman....wud b soooo easy to fool her! Bt trust me, iv tried dat (naah..not in a bad a "mom-m-goin-to-tuishun"-bt axully-bunkin kinda way.:)) bt gezz wat?? she's olwayz KNOWN!!!! DEN she'll neva ask n e shtupid qn.....n no mattr how flawless my plan is, she olwez just knows!!!!
She didn let me watch "Terminator 2" at d dinner table coz she felt it was too action-packd for d she's watched "XXX" (d friggin movie..u perv!) n "Die Hard 4.0" wid me..twice each!! She luvd it!!!
She's usually a silent type in hell, u shud see her wen sum friggin taxi driver tries cheatin her n den jove! if words were slaps, den she packs quite a punch!
I've hated her n luvd her d most at times...a lil less of d hate, a lil more of d love.
She's defeated me at wait, dats NOT d best part.....dat was d first tme i'd just taught her how to play! yes...dat IS d best part now.
She's read Dan Brown n Alistair MacClean n gone into knowledge-huntin frenzies each time! For days i'd had to lissn to her unearthn sum new stuff or d oder abt d themes in d novels. :D Tok abt not givinn up! I had to giv up on her ever givin up!
She just won't accept dat western songs r good.......she knows dey r, she just finds it funny not to accept dat! :(
All in all, she's my mom n i love her. Vv had d weirdest of conversations n spent d best times togedr....n dis goes out to all dose moms out der makin millions of oder kids feel dis way too!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ripples in the Mist

The moonlight wanes,
Sorrow in its glow.
As dreams get killed,
And we don't even know.

He bathed in its rays,
He adorned the silver gleam...
He'd struck gold dust,
But killed someone's dream.

In glorious abandon,
He walked on that night.
He didn't stare at the flower,
That lay just out of sight.

It was too late,
When he looked down,
Its petals lay shrivelled-
Its body strewn around.

As the night grew colder,
The flower calmly slept.
Yet as it looked back smiling,
He sat down.......... and wept.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


The drops peltered down,

In synchronised exuberance....

Swelling wth pride....yet pouting in pain.

Drenched to the bone, I kept walking....

Down the long road leading to Neverwas,

Dreams woven out of a misty rainbow....

A rainbow lost in a shroud of misery.

Time swung by, hours washed away...

The drops kept washing away my senses,

My thoughts, spiralling upward into smoky oblivion.

There wasn't a soul, not a ray of light,

My steps grew weary, my sorry plight....

I trudged on - then faltered, I lay down to rest,

Sensing a warmth peeking out through the chill -

Waiting, for the drops to wash me away.

Waiting, for a new pour, in the heart of a new day.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Boy you're drunk...kapeesh?

I had yet again my bio chapters gorging on me, so i decided to take a break agen n write up a new post. Well, of all d heeby jeebies i could write on, i chose dis fer a v important reezn: its gonna help lotsa ppl find a safe way bak home. Yup, Ive figured out sum fool-proof ways of how u can say ur really drunk, u really hav ze booz flowin thru u,'s how:

1) U try gettin in2 a taxi filled wid passengers (*coz u cant c d friggin passengers*) den realize ders sum obstrucshun on d seat, n u get down mutterin : Aiaiai! bloody cabdriver!! D seat's too darn high!

2) U fynally get into an empty taxi n think dat d fare meter shows d time.
Drunk dyud: Holy @#$@#$%%!! Drive faster!! Its 14 past 54 olredy!!.......R u kiddin me?? Now its 32 past 65!! Ill neva reach in time!

3) U go to a party n start actin way too spanish (*ahem...dont mind, z spanish think dey r way too slick wid z girls.....n d drunk ones think z same, wit guys*)
Sober dude: Hey, u seen francis?
Drunk francis (*does a salsa spin, makes a slutty smile*): Oley!!! I m Ferancees Feruhnahndo! Want too tahngo? (*voice a cross btwn a deep baritone n a croak*)
Sober dude(*running away*): Bleeeearghh!! Take ur cock away Phurnuhndo!! Wait...Is dat a jalapeno?!!
Drunk dude(*runnin after him*): El como bako!!(*i dunno wat dis means tho*)

4) U do d YMCA dance at a relativ's funeral to show ur respect fer d poor, demised soul. (ps. hav u seen d friggin' dance? its hilarious!!)

5) U go to a party, a guy whips out his hand fer a handshake, n u reply: "O yeah?! well same to u sucker!! Fuck u!" n giv him bak d rude sign vch d poor guy never made in d first place.

6) U go to a zoo, get too near d monkey enclosure n start screamin at d poor primates : Hey!! Get me outta dis cage!!! Il have u fer dis!!!

7) Ur office routine goes lyk dis:
* U reach office in ur frenz car
* U walk straight up to ze boss
* U grab his collars, bring ur face too darn close, breath hoarsely, n say..
* "Maria, pleease dont leave me..."

8) U do a lil jiggly thingy wid ur butt cheeks in front of yer kids just to show ur happy

9) U go to a store n start tokin to a mannequin n eventually even get her fone no.......(* :*)

10) U take part in "Romeo n Juliet" n mess it up:
Juleit: O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou, Romeo?
Romeo (*drunk*): M down here in ze bushes just takin a piss!!

11) U start driving bak home... n never make it.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Took me time to understand your silence,
Before i got to your words,
My stream of thoughts came piling out,
In admired disarray, like flittin birds.
I took a single step, then faltered:
I knew not what i'd say;
Your eyes, the radiance they held,
Were enough to sweep me away.
I look bak now and I wonder,
How ever since our first bonds were made:
You've always wrapped my soul in your loving embrace,
How your glance the unspoken has said.
Time n again I've hurt you,
Your eyes, I've seen them bleed
Yet your angelic grace surrounded me,
Never hesitant - not a blemish of pain in your deed.
Darkness still thinks I'm his own,
As its tendrils it snares around me.
But my zephyr, my angel, my cherubim,
How can it ever win over thee?
Every time your presence charms me,
I feel a wave swelling deep inside-
As though all the barriers of fear n hatred,
Could never try to stop this tide.
Forever and ever, my skies glow on,
With ur melody playing above all the din.
The very fact dat at times I've made u cry,
Now seems each one a heinous sin.
A mist all around me at times grow,
Fashioned out of my own guilt.
Tears choke me, as I paint my canvass
With how much pain for me u've endured, how sad u've felt.
I pray, I bow down, I look up to your eyes,
The splendour in them pulls me ever so close.
Your "my first, my last, my everything"...
My paradise - miracle for a soul morose.


Scars and memories, These are all that remain.
Twisted dreams, reminiscent of
My soul's tragedy - through flashes insane.
The light dims, Im bathing in darkness,

Choked to a point beyond bliss.

I feel that I cannot feel any more,
My dreams depart, Im left numbed;

Talons of betrayal ripping through my soul....

Faces all around - cruel laughter, too loud.

Do i know them? They don't answer..

Their smiles reply......"We are you..

You are us.....We are your thoughts..

The world all around...Your 1000 faces in your mind"

I fight back, but revelation blossoms..
Their words....were true...

I am them, my sins, my thoughts, my eclipsed existence..
From shadows they come, in shadows depart.
Entombed in our own dark desires, gorging on our essence.
Light, distant, glows from afar...
I raise my hand, reach out in pain..
Scars and memories of my own thoughts..

Forever remain.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Exam??? Hummmph...U friggin' kidin' me??

My dear fellow brethren of dis famous state o West Bengal, i hav news....u suck!!!! Yes, dis means u (wipe off d smirk frm ur face, will ya? ders nuthin funny....atleast not yet)!!!
On d 19th of April was our "famush" WBJEE exam (oooooohhhhhh, d horror, eh?.....shut up!!!). After 2 + 2 + 2 hours of gr8 misery, i realised dat dis exam is a HUGE farce!! Its a ruddy joke up our asses, n in d fullest, worst, screwy-est sort way imaginable...!!! Let me giv u sum points as 2 y im jerked off by dis exam:

  • Most o d students appearin 4 d exam ain't "students" at all!!! Dey r fathers, uncles, jethus, kakas, mamas, or boro dadas.......wit deir faces covered wit facial hear at awkward bristly angles n high-powered magnifyin glasses on each eye (dey call it spectacles....hmmmph! specs my ass!) At least 11+ ppl in each room r prolly married n raisin a family. Most o dem brought deir "jholas" in2 d rooms b4 bein told dat bags weren allowed...mebbe sum even tried arguin : "Its not a bag!! Eta amar Pencil-box!" Yes, d wb govt has lifted d age-ban opn d all dese oldies hav swooped in to take our places. Tell me smfink, if u study 4 dis kinda 4 16 yrs n den apper, wat r ur chanzes? lemme tink, how about: 110% asshole!!
  • Most o d students (incudin all d dadus n dadas) r frm d wb board n dey r NOT appearin in ANY other exam. We fellas frm d ISC n CBSE boards r subtly wiped out by tiny stitched-in games dat d examiners play (hint: d games r NOT in our favour....) (hint 2: yes, chk d rank pattern wen it cums out, ul c how well its bn arranged in a pro-WB fashun) (hint 3: dis yr its election time, so n e doubts abt who'll b gettin d advantage suckers?? x( )
  • For us ISC students , its yet another bizzare ass-whuppin time. V hav a highly "scientiphik" syllabus, vch neither helps us in d all-india exams nor in dis friggin joint....come again? scientiphik, u say?
  • D ppr is d best part of it all. Each subject has at least 8 mishtakes in d q pprs. Yet u shud c d wb ppl go!! Dey kp filin in d bubbles like dey'r high on dope! Its like dey KNOW!! (more likely dey know d examiners, i spose) Dey neva find ne mistake wit d ppr. dey don even calcul8 d sums in chem!! Can u do dis : 6.023E23 * 6.67E-34 / 25 ? without a calcul8r?? in 3sec?? yes u lesser mortal!! dey apparently can!!! Bt ask dem how...n dey'll look at u as if u accused dem o debauchery. Deir eyes narrow, deir breathin dilates, n thru deir beard u can hear 'em sayin sumfink like : "Baari ja shala! Jaanish amaar baba board-er ke hoy?"
  • D invigil8rs think dat invigilashun = havin tea 3 times in 2 hrs, rndumly leavin d exam hall, n lettin u open d seal o d q ppr 15 mins after time just to show dey CAN!!
  • I found 2 students in front of me discussin how dey'd dun miserable in d exam last year..(aw c'mon dont get angry..dey'r just one yr older...haven u seen d senescent ones?) apparently in 13 mins both o dem finishd d ppr. One had attempted a whoppin 7 qns outta 50 n d other 11. Den wat do dey do wit d rest o d time? DEY STAT PLAYIN IMAGINARY CRICKET!!! D bastards!!!!! D slimmer wun o d lot goes: "Hey, look, ill chuck u spinners n u play 'em". den he starts swingin his fingers to throw an imaginary ball at his pal, who swishes an air-bat to strike. d bowler goes "Yeah!! catch dhorlam!!" d batsman goes:"Naaaa! Ota boundary cross korechey!" D invigil8r sees dem n goes:" Plz erokom koro na. Ektu shaanto holey hoy na ki?" I go: "Oooh wats dis? I think dis is d ball. C'mon its not a boundary.. oh sorry, gezz its just ur other ball dat droppd off!"
Well, all said n dun, i think its high time to put an end to markin ppl on d basis of one-day's farce!! I mean, do u realize deir vl b docs n engineers in a few yrs who hav spawned frm success in dis kinda thing??? Srsly, r u FRIGGIN' KIDDIN' ME?????