Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ripples in the Mist

The moonlight wanes,
Sorrow in its glow.
As dreams get killed,
And we don't even know.

He bathed in its rays,
He adorned the silver gleam...
He'd struck gold dust,
But killed someone's dream.

In glorious abandon,
He walked on that night.
He didn't stare at the flower,
That lay just out of sight.

It was too late,
When he looked down,
Its petals lay shrivelled-
Its body strewn around.

As the night grew colder,
The flower calmly slept.
Yet as it looked back smiling,
He sat down.......... and wept.


The Wize Witch said...

wow this is so beautiful. :)

Pranky said...

amazing!just amazing

MaDdY said...

*thud*..i faint!!...AWESOME agen!!

Anonymous said...

confuse with the contrasting concepts.....if u break someone's dream.....then u lose the right to cry for that unless you're sorry!just a thought