Monday, September 14, 2009

The light burns on

Holding tears on a wrinkled leaf,

I stood by the mystic edge of the sea.
Heard whispers in the golden garments,

That Autumn herself had shed for me.

Silent winds rippled on the water....
My hand faltered, I froze in time...

Captured the world's essence in a flickering instant,

As my mind waded through Nature's intricate design.

The thorn through my soul shoved in deeper,

I bled out drops only I could see.

Betrayed by my own faith, I stood unwavered now,
This wasn't the way they said it would be.

Phrases hurtling right through my brain,

Each one hit me with a sickening wrench.

My eyes wide shut, the sky brightly dark,

Humanity's ever-so-famous inglorious stench.

Purple rain dashed down on me;
Blue flames, to take my soul, suffice.

A blinding flash in time, a whisper unheard,

...........And I waited for my final sacrifice.

Windswept I stood, a prodigal son of Time,
A cloak of mist heralding the dawn....
Far in the distance, a Lighthouse sweeps its beam,
As i curl into darkness, the light burns on.