Monday, May 18, 2009

Tryst of a Lifetime

Okay now this is looooooooong overdue. Last sunday was Mothers' Day. A highly interesting class of humans, aint't they? Mothers. i mean. A few days bak, der was dis huge thunderstorm....n as i was just chilling out in d terrace, i started thinking. Truly, highly interesting, our mothers. We'll prolly neva hav n e one closer to us dan our moms (fer pete's sake, u crawled out of her!!). Well, as far as i'm wid mom's been a gr8 tale, trust me. N over my 18 years of knowing her (dats third only to dad n her parents u kno!), I've known lotsa sides to her face.
She has dis weird habit of asking certain really, really weird, answer-smack-on-d-face kinda queschuns in d least complez situashuns! Kinda makes u feel as if dis is one simle woman....wud b soooo easy to fool her! Bt trust me, iv tried dat (naah..not in a bad a "mom-m-goin-to-tuishun"-bt axully-bunkin kinda way.:)) bt gezz wat?? she's olwayz KNOWN!!!! DEN she'll neva ask n e shtupid qn.....n no mattr how flawless my plan is, she olwez just knows!!!!
She didn let me watch "Terminator 2" at d dinner table coz she felt it was too action-packd for d she's watched "XXX" (d friggin movie..u perv!) n "Die Hard 4.0" wid me..twice each!! She luvd it!!!
She's usually a silent type in hell, u shud see her wen sum friggin taxi driver tries cheatin her n den jove! if words were slaps, den she packs quite a punch!
I've hated her n luvd her d most at times...a lil less of d hate, a lil more of d love.
She's defeated me at wait, dats NOT d best part.....dat was d first tme i'd just taught her how to play! yes...dat IS d best part now.
She's read Dan Brown n Alistair MacClean n gone into knowledge-huntin frenzies each time! For days i'd had to lissn to her unearthn sum new stuff or d oder abt d themes in d novels. :D Tok abt not givinn up! I had to giv up on her ever givin up!
She just won't accept dat western songs r good.......she knows dey r, she just finds it funny not to accept dat! :(
All in all, she's my mom n i love her. Vv had d weirdest of conversations n spent d best times togedr....n dis goes out to all dose moms out der makin millions of oder kids feel dis way too!!


MaDdY said...

wow re..yur lucky mom :)

Poulami said...

All truths about all moms in de world.realy moms have ESP(Extra Sensory Perception,that is) n 6th,7th,8th..I dunno how many senses!

Anonymous said...

indeed absolutely right!....sweeetest of things and best a person can be