Monday, April 27, 2009


Scars and memories, These are all that remain.
Twisted dreams, reminiscent of
My soul's tragedy - through flashes insane.
The light dims, Im bathing in darkness,

Choked to a point beyond bliss.

I feel that I cannot feel any more,
My dreams depart, Im left numbed;

Talons of betrayal ripping through my soul....

Faces all around - cruel laughter, too loud.

Do i know them? They don't answer..

Their smiles reply......"We are you..

You are us.....We are your thoughts..

The world all around...Your 1000 faces in your mind"

I fight back, but revelation blossoms..
Their words....were true...

I am them, my sins, my thoughts, my eclipsed existence..
From shadows they come, in shadows depart.
Entombed in our own dark desires, gorging on our essence.
Light, distant, glows from afar...
I raise my hand, reach out in pain..
Scars and memories of my own thoughts..

Forever remain.