Monday, April 27, 2009


Took me time to understand your silence,
Before i got to your words,
My stream of thoughts came piling out,
In admired disarray, like flittin birds.
I took a single step, then faltered:
I knew not what i'd say;
Your eyes, the radiance they held,
Were enough to sweep me away.
I look bak now and I wonder,
How ever since our first bonds were made:
You've always wrapped my soul in your loving embrace,
How your glance the unspoken has said.
Time n again I've hurt you,
Your eyes, I've seen them bleed
Yet your angelic grace surrounded me,
Never hesitant - not a blemish of pain in your deed.
Darkness still thinks I'm his own,
As its tendrils it snares around me.
But my zephyr, my angel, my cherubim,
How can it ever win over thee?
Every time your presence charms me,
I feel a wave swelling deep inside-
As though all the barriers of fear n hatred,
Could never try to stop this tide.
Forever and ever, my skies glow on,
With ur melody playing above all the din.
The very fact dat at times I've made u cry,
Now seems each one a heinous sin.
A mist all around me at times grow,
Fashioned out of my own guilt.
Tears choke me, as I paint my canvass
With how much pain for me u've endured, how sad u've felt.
I pray, I bow down, I look up to your eyes,
The splendour in them pulls me ever so close.
Your "my first, my last, my everything"...
My paradise - miracle for a soul morose.

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