Saturday, May 5, 2007


Here are some reasons y i deserv a certain amount of appraisal for my research...

1) I have discovered a cheap way to accelerate an electron widout using a cyclostat. Just tie d electron to a bylon string n start executing rotatory motion (wid d string, u freak , not wid urself!!) n presto!! it works....!!

2)I have tried to find out why, if we r to follow d theory of conservation of momentum, wen we break a vermicelli piece, d pieces of different sizes dont fall to d ground wid different speeds.I also wanted to kno y duz it break in2 more dan 2 pieces evn if v break it thru d middle!!

3)I tried to find out vch species of dungbeetle has an affinity fer vch odour of dung...( dont evn try askin me bout d steps of research....dey were...erm..."squirmy"(literally) n kinda "greasy").

4)I want to find out y, if solar energy is a sesky source of energy, do we lose energy if we stand in d sun ol day long??

5)I want to find out y, if gorrilas show intelligence, don't dey purposefully screw up on experiments to chk deir intelligenze???

6)I wanna kno how come fools r so smart dat dey end up dislodgin ol fool-proof systems???


zombey_-/\-_ said...

vairy sesky...

Ayanjyoti Ghosh said...

Wow, hehehehehe