Sunday, May 23, 2010

Realms of Fantasy

Catchy title, eh? Nah.....ain't worth a lot though. Its just bn a long time since i announcd my return, n yet hadn posted n e thin n thot dat folks myte b wondering if my "return" just meant i re-learnt how to operate a pc again.
Ah well, here's wats up with FRIGGIN BORED! wen ur in medical college, dripping enuf sweat to charge up dead batteries for a lifetime, u kno ders sumthin wrong wit ya! so here i am, tryin to let off a teeeeny ween bit of steam thru my believe me, i type so far n its not helpin.
Oh, gezz wat humans, a couple of days bak, i tried a funny thing on my sleeping brother. Dere i was, lyin down on my bed, wid him asleep besyde me, wen i thot to myself "Do humans respond in the same way to being scratchd behind their ears as cats n dogs do?" So i reachd over n tried it on my bro..........n i proudly say "IT WORKS!" my sweet lil lost-in-dreamland brother smiled, elicited wat i inferred was a purr of happiness, tried involuntarily rubbin (*picture, if u will, d "involuntari-ness" of "tryin" to rub*) his face on d pillow, n den dozed off agen. Well, dats it for u non-beleivers den, Darwin was ryte.....we did evolve frm cats n dogs....n , ahem, of course, apes.

Hey, ne of u guys hav proper plans for killin tyme dis summer?? N by proper, i mean RADICAL!!! i need ideas lyke "go pee on mt. rushmore" n such to keep me going! Im fed up tryin to watch movies at home evryday! Which reminds me.....remembr the old gangster movies with the famous word "Capiche"? WEll, when i heard it for d first tyme (mind u, i was much younger), i thoroughly beleevd i had heard "CATFISH".....n i spent a considerable amount of tyme tryin to figure out why in god's name wud Al Capone kidnap a dude, n then tell him, "U gotta pay up within 24 hours or u're dead....catfish?"???!?!?!? With my honest belef in mind, i checkd up d net for a reference......n wound up wit articles on italian cafish n a certain video game calld "conker the squirrel" starring a certain gangster catfish. It was an episode of "Simpsons", believe me, which brought d reality to me in the form of "capiche"!

Well, enuff rambling for nw, if u folks do cum up wid ideas to save me frm a lonely, horrible death frm boredom, do keep sendin ideas!!!! Capiche?

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