Friday, September 24, 2010


A few dark streaks
In that field of light......
A thin grey line
Between black and white.

A glistening dewdrop
The autumn leaf adornes;
Those tiny monarchs smile
From their celestial thrones.

An ever-so-soft footfall
On that rarely trodden road,
The sign of life that shatters
The silence hallowed.

She walked through the clearing,
She walked into the haze.
As Nature's echoing chimes,
Trembled in a daze.

Her eyes- they sang a million songs....
Her lips stood painting a smile....
Her curls lay glistening in the mist....
She stood still for a while.

The fine threads of mist grew weary soon,
An illusion drawing to a close;
She never moved an inch it seemed,
Time itself slowed down and froze.

A moment or more, before the sun rose,
The glade glowed heavenly bright.
She broke out from her trance; broke into a smile,
And slipped away into the light.

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Anonymous said...

so true mesmerising