Wednesday, April 6, 2011


A distant tune set in the breeze,
The evening's scented memories,
The touch of flavour deep within
And imagined visions the young eye sees.

My trembling heart- it sings a song,
To last all day and all night long.
It rains in my valley, my humble home,
The night sky whispers, "Nothing can go wrong."

I'll walk the less known road tonight,
The one that stayed well out of sight,
And i'll talk to you through the shivering leaves,
On the trees that smell of the blessed night.

The moon- she's argued with the mighty sun,
She wants to stay, he wants her to run,
She's waited for magic far too long it seems.
And she's smiling now, it seems like she's won.

Waves of pure frenzy that run through my mind,
I've left my homeward thoughts behind.
Tonight i escape, I run to the world......
Tonight I can see what I've tried so hard to find.

I can feel it in the rustling of leaves all around,
The magic's unleashed, and my spirit's unbound.
The stars are humming, they can see my dreams,
I'll lose myself to the night, to be newly found.


devraj said...

i like it when people don't clutter up their verses with big words, just for the heck of it. Beautifully thought out, and simply and elegantly written. Might not be astounding as a stand-alone, but sure does play its part in the collection that you have here

Renegade said...

thank you, earnestly.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

nothing new for so many months?get back to writing man!

Anonymous said...

is this blog kind of shut down?t was awesome and sp. the logic behind naming it......?????

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