Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back with a Bang

Yes, my humongously shocking fellow humans, I AM BACK! N by dis, i do NOT mean to say dat i form a rather considerable portion of ur fat arse, or bottom, as it were. It just means dat i m out of my self-announced sabbatical.......
so, to those who missed me: "Yeah, u can start followin me lyk dumbarses again!"
N to those who wished dey'd miss me forever: "Eat dung! D fun's just starting!"

Ooh, things hav changed in lyf quite a rocking bit....first of all......erm, ahem, Im in college. (*smirk befittin a guy who seems to hav just lost his virginity bt has actually just stepped on a salamander's tail*). Secondly, My views abt d belief dat ppl r dumb has tremendously kudos to all d readers to help me prove so!! (haha, u jerks!) Moreimpotrantly, n lastly of cours, my creative juices....(erm, nope, not my juices dat can create life) r being stimulated a lot dese u guys myte b in for sum treats frm now on.

1 comment:

The Wize Witch said...

Ah nice to see ya back! :D