Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Winds of Hades

I've stooped, I've bled, I've reeled in pain,

I've died a thousand times.

Vengeance, unleashed, claimed me for his own-
I've paid for others' crimes

Past all glories, past all fame,
Tonight I stand by the edge
Of all that was, and all that will be,

Dead eyes, with a grief-stricken pledge.

Immortal thoughts, come prey on me!
And I'll never flinch I swear!

But my soul shall forever be only bound,
To the one I truly hold dear.

Joys ripped out in a whirlwind of hate,
Faith and Justice horribly gone wrong.
As angels of death, their wings round me spread...

My heart sings its own swansong.

My reflection shimmers, the water's edge glistens,
I wait for the chill to grip me.
For when all's that been mine shall be wrenched apart-

My reflection will be there to see.

The trumpet blows....The winds run amok....
A few moments more....And fate shall have struck....
With all its wrath....With might unbound....
And then....its silence that shall only sound

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man really great ...!!! many deep emotions is revealed thru it !!!!!