Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Excerpts from exams

D 2 hrs of exams, if nuthin else, can b used as a perfect tyme to double up wid laffter at sum of d comments studs pass...
sum xcerpts..

EVE exam
Stud 1(panic in voice): wats a hybrid disaster??
Stud 2(no chaap): kinda...erm...jumbo-combo of...erm....bad thingies leadin to ...erm...massive bad thingy!!

Chemistry exam
Stud 1: Define isotopes!!
Stud 2: Lines on a periodic tables joining elements with same atomic number!

Morals exam
Stud 1: how can we attain inner peace?
Stud 2: hell!! so d word was peace?!!!

Histry xam
Stud 1:who was wilkin jones?
Stud 2:dude who invented d safety razor... or wait...was it d motorazr?

Maths xam
Stud 1: wat duz class interval mean?
Stud 2: must b sumthing to do wid d breaktime alloted between 2 consecutiv xams!!
Stud 1(smart kid):bt y wud dey gib dat in statistix??
Stud 2(smarter kid): well, u kno our teechr, innovativ ideas!!

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