Thursday, February 8, 2007

Fiasco of d Week

(Disclaimer : da bike in da pic aint mine!!!)

Why o why duz d world need to change so radikally so as to shock n apall me??? Naah, no one one bled....its just dat i learnt d hard way dat bicyclin aint da fun-thing it uswed to be!!

Well, bicyclin is wun of dose weird things in lyf u neva 4get wunce u learn....n living by dat belief, yesterday i decided to try out my riding-skills after 2 yrs. I thot it wud b a gr8 way to kill tyme, n conjured up images of me zooming along lanes wid a free spirit on my my old "Rusty"( yup, da bike livs up to its name, n has an uncanny way of procuring ol sortsa grindin n squeakin noises to show dat it detests being in d end, my superior self governed over its spirit), n i set off along da road around my block......big mishtake!!

Well, in da furst five mins. i made a complete fool of myself in front of a group of gigglin gals by riding in a fashun vch surely reminded dem bout ye olde tales of d efects of drunkenness....atleast dats wat i figured out frm d looks of deepest disgust quite prevalent on deir faces.

Nevatheless, widin 15 mins, i was riding along pretty well, humming da tune of sum song bout cyclin...(no wait..mebbe twas bout driving...or no, a plane crash..watevr, it had sumthing to do wid motion, dats ol i kno), blissfully unaware of d fact dat da immortal gods hab d not-so-comfortable habit of veiwing happiness of mortals wid contempt....bcoz widin moments da disaster happend!!

Yes, a group of terrorists landed wid parachutes n...oops sorry!! wrong story!!! Darn!! my memory's failing me!!

Actually wat happend was...i was turning round a bend at hi-speed....n d same manoeuvre was being executed by a filthy, freaking, battered, downright detestable ambassador frm d opposite direcshun(well, truly spking, da car wasnt dat sinze its behaviour shocked me, i'll b takin d liberty to call it watevr i want). The obvious happend...widin a couple of seconds our vehicles ( or radr, dat vehicle n my rusted ride)met in d fashun of arch enemies, n i was jerked off my seat. Now, if u cud hab seen me flying off frm my seat n fallin on d sidewalk, u wud hab agreed dat i hab a phiuchaar as a stuntsman, bt as i was on d receivin end of d blow, i thot quite diffrently....n i realizd wun more thing: sidewalks DO NOT make good pillows!!!

Soon, d driver (add certain of d nastiest adjectvs of ur choice b4 d word "driver") got out off d car n , cumming up to d tangle of wheels n limbs (s'posed to b me n my bike) embarked on a furious sermon bout wat d country's future wud b if d country were to b filld wid reckles, stupid n ...(erm..oder kindsa bad descripshuns) young men lyk me...n ol i could do was painfully get up n hang my head low(go on!! snigger ol u lyk!! wen u r facing a man who reminds u of horribly of a rhino, u wudnt hab done n e better!).

Howevr, after 5 mins, d episode was over...n he drove off...after vch i suddenly seemd to find my voice n let off a few selected curses zooming after him, in d hope dat dey wud find hm n kick his arse. (Beleev me, it cud hab been worse....sumtymes, it happens dat d individual on da giving end happens to kno ur father, n is a well wisher fer u......n ends up makin statements vch make u wish dat he didnt think so well bout u...n make u pray dat he certainly duznt end up givin da news of d accident [wid his best intrests fer u at heart] to ur vch case u can b assurd to spend d rest of ur teenage lyf grounded).

Well, da storm habbing subsided, i picked up wat was left of Rusty, tried to think of sumthing suitable to say to do honour to his service, realizd dat he hadnt servd me quite well, n walked bak home
...wid d solemn promise neva to ride rusted bicycles agen!!

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Anila said...

You though cycling was tough? Wait till you start leaning addition and subtraction. =\\

And bad bad bad car driver man who knows ur fatehr oh so wel!! :X Let him be sentenced! :X

Gee, I suck at commenting.:|