Wednesday, February 7, 2007

"Mock" tests

Well, wid d xams (better known as a 4-letter word wid d letters I,E,C, and S in a random order) approaching, mock tests seem to b gaining popularity among ol sortsa students....lets take a peek into wat xactly happens in a mock test centre...

its 3 o' clok in d afternoon, wen i wud b normally njoyin a siesta at home, bt hab been sent to spent two whopping hours givin an EVE-xam at a centre vch sumwat resembles a garage n is nxt door to a house occupied by ppl who luv cursing evry oder minute(good substanshial curses, encompassin our entyre lives n ol our relashuns). d morose students (sum o whom hab actually studied) take deir places ( vch r too squeezd up fer normal humans, n leev us wid a desire fer a wet pillow attachd to our baks by d tyme we r done). d xam starts...

soon, surprise surprise!! it transpires dat d queschun paper is d same as d q paper fer d last mock test series....dis leads to a srs ejaculation on part of d students, an evn more srsl srs ejaculashun on part of d paranoid parents ,n helpless shrugs on part of d invigalators....d invigilators call up d centre-head office, to find out dat dere has been a typing mishtake, n dat we hab to sit fer d xam..
wat inevitably follows is 2 hrs of excellent display of info-jhaapifyin skills, accompanied by raucious noises in d room...d invigilator, a poor, old soul, tries to quiten us by furst appealinm to us n makin wild gesticulashuns to show dat we were causin great pain to his puritan heart...n den movin on to dire threats of evn more dire consequences ( a polite way of saying "shut ur pieholes or my mom will shoot!")...d chaapless students howevr , go on doing wat dey were doin ol along....n at d end of two hrs, it has been provd dat d xam was to b "mock"ed at!

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Anila said...

'info-jhaapifyin skills' - Rotflol.

Haaahaa. Mock tests suck biggie time. I remember when I learned gas laws and went for stochiometry test. What a belt!? I got pasted!

Anyways,..You stole the words right outta most of our mouths.."Mock tests are to be 'mock'ed"..:p

Rock on!B)