Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Well, its olmost time for d ICSEs, but b4 dat, some interviews were taken of d studes of our skul bout how dey felt now dat d exams were about to make 'em sweat in deir pants....lets refrae dat(fer ppl who look at lyf d srs way), we wanted to kno wat deir views were bout d xams. Here r some of d best wuns...

Stud 1 (*looking very solemn n nodding head vigorously*) well, yes, dey r very important...u kno,*startin to sweat*)rillie rillie in...(*shakin hands to reveal his loquatiousness n speakin in a high falsetto tune*) veeeery veery important ...yes..(*eyes bulgin out n lookin lyk a cross between a rusty android n an oversized guinea-pig*)...u hab no idea how important dey r fer me!!!
(yes we do, mate!! dey r so freakin important dat u dont realize dat d grass under u is wet by dis tyme!! dey'll prolly decide wethr u liv beyond march or not!)

Stud 2(* a bit morose n sighing*) ICSEs...dey r kinda lyk a distant dream...a panorama of intrigue n fear(*lips quivering , n eyes looking distant n dreamy*)....n will probably result inrevealing wat a muddied oaf i am!! aah...but den, i'll b able to live wid dat heart-rending burden...fer i kno dat widin a few billion years, a MASSIVE BLACK HOLE WILL CONSUME OL OF US!!! NO ONE WILL SURVIVE!! REPENT O SINNERS!!!!(*jumping bout in panic, as if his butt has just been soaked in boiling oil*) DOOMSDAY IS COMING!!!(*runs away to convey d news of doomsday as if twere d news of a cretin havin given birth to triplets*)

Stud 3(*smilin affably*) Ha! The ICSEs?? My aunt is an xaminer, so i'll just sit back n relax n wait fer marks to b showerd on me!(*voice frm bakground bout d fact dat in ICSE sheets, u dont write ur name or ur skul name, just d roll no.*) What??? My aunt nevva told me dat!! Let me change wat i said, my aunt WAS an xaminer!! (*shakin in rage akin to hitler's on seeing dat a jew had pissed in his bathroom*)

Stud 4(*carefree spirit*) I dont take chaap! I've even plannd out a schedule fer studying...see, i spend only 4 hours during d day n 3 n a haff hrs at nyte wid my drumset...da remaining haff n hour i'm at my work station studyin nowadays.
(jeez! now dats wat i coll a work schedule. well, he givs new meanin to d word "work station"...a train station is where a train stops, so a work station is....u decide!)

Stud 5(*puts out his tongue n shakes his head on being asked*) don't ask now!! i'm too tensed!! i've only done 4 revishuns of d syllabus! Unless i do 3 more, i wont top!! den wat'll happen to me??? oh! (*puts hand to forehead n a strikingly painful pose*) da horror of it ol!! i'll b lost in d crowds of despair!! i may end up wid suicide!
(hell!! and if at furst u dont succed, DIE DIE agen!)

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