Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Prospective Aktivities

After much debate at skul, we've ol fynally cum to d conclushun dat we do not spend much tyme at home studyin.....howevr, it still remains a mystery as to wat skul dudes rillie do den.... here's a list of wat deir fav aktivities cud b:
  • Roaming about d streets haff-nude n telling complete strangers how to kill whales wid a pen-knife ( it axshully works, d trick is to get d pen-knife posishunnd over da....well, find out urself!!)
  • Cleaning up lavatory seats while singin hymns in praise of satan
  • Sky-diving frm a mere altitude of 1000 ft. only to fall haffway thru n remembah dat da "skydivin manual" stated sumthin bout d use of parachutes
  • Running around d world bank campaigning fer d release of fugitives frm lalbazaar p.s.
  • Spending haff of d day online n d oder haff on de line betwn insanity n insecurity
  • Experimenting wid biotech n ending up looking sumthing lyk this

n da list continues....


Mohan Ali Noor Isaac Arhaan Kumar said...

i disagree wit pt. 4...
i spent ol mah tym campaigning 2 get IN2 labazar lok up..@least i wont hav 2 giv da xams den

Tamaghna said...

da link reminds me of wad wud happen if j**t and little red riding hood {u and da rest of da jonogon kno hu} m8d!!!!!!